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Once upon a time, England's King Henry VIII recognised the value of the deep and fine natural harbour this indent into the Cornish coast offered and, that the hamlet of Falmouth was strategically important in his Majesty's growing collection of defensive castles. King Henry VIII built Pendennis Castle in 1542, today this boasts incredible views over Britain's rural home of sailing. Home to the 'Pendennis Cup', tall ships events, 'Falmouth Week' and of course 'Falmouth Classic' regattas, read below for where to stay.

The Falmouth Townhouse

Known as 'The Townhouse' – a family owned, small, stylish, contemporary hotel and bar within a grand Georgian townhouse right in the heart of Falmouth. Suitable for owners and guests associated with the super yachts which are frequent in this town, not just for drinks – but also for shore-side accomodation. Book here.


Frenchman's Creek Cottage

Firstly, the Helford River south of Falmouth is in CYTV's top five rivers and locations. It is stunning. This is said to be one of the most romantic cottages you can rent. Its name comes from the near by 'Frenchman's Creek', built in about 1840 for a farm worker or boatman. Over the years it has inspired many different authors. It is maintained and rented out by the Landmark Trust.

Bessie ellen

Bessie Ellen is one of two West Country Trading Ketches surviving. The ship will feed your historical inquisitions about adventure on the waves in years gone by. Classic Yacht TV found she is a hearty ship that keeps you warm and safe, down-below she retains a homely feel and that you'll find you won't chase the wildlife. It comes to you – we filmed it!

She offers charters all over Europe and usually features Cornwall and the Scilly Isles on her programme every year. Book here.