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Last chance tickets: classical music concert on classic yacht

The first concert from a new series of exclusive musical events in the world’s most beautiful and inaccessible places – this weekend – 29th September 2018.

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Sights and sounds of being at sea

Being at sea can be cleansing. It's not just sights and sounds, but the movement of the boat that has a rhythm – it's 'therapy at sea' as we hear from a guest on board Bessie Ellen.

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Rocket Ship Schooner FOR SALE

Watch as VIVEKA nearly takes off in this vintage helicopter footage stitched together to show her powering through exotic waters during her ocean cruising days. Learn more about this amazing yacht - now for sale.

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Classic Boat Regattas Events List 2018

The list of classic boat sailing events and classic yacht regattas for 2018 worldwide.

Get in touch with what you're up to at regattas, we'd love to hear your stories!

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Rig checks and maintenance - essential reading for classic yacht sailing and racing

CYTV talks to professional rigger Chuck Demangeat about rig failures on board classic yachts and the things you can do to prevent breaking your rig. 

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Farewell Topsails 1937

This short film shows china clay extraction in St Austell and exportation from the port of Charlestown, Cornwall, where tall ships – topsail schooners and ketches – once hailed from, laden with clay destined for the ports of Liverpool or London. It reflects on a dying sail cargo trade, and shows new steam craft taking the place of wind power. Beautiful scenes of industry and passages at sea are illustrated in colour film by Humphrey Jennings - Britain's most celebrated documentary film maker.

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