Charles Wroe, Captain and owner's representative of Herreshoff schooner 'Mariette' and schooner 'Kelpie of Falmouth'.

"Specifically Emily has been in charge of producing a series of films charting the progress of the Kelpie of Falmouth rebuild project. That role soon changed into being in charge of our PR generally and organising valuable background work researching and chasing up historical leads into Kelpie’s past in America.

She did such a good job for us that I thought; whether it is someone who wants to make a promo film for sales and charter marketing, to record an important event like a boat's birthday party or a particular regatta, maybe making a record of a charter holiday for a family, I recommend Emily Harris/Classic Yacht TV for these services.

I understand that her current projects include a film about British working sailboats showing at a New York film festival and the documentation of a big super yacht build. Emily is really into yachting and particularly yacht racing. She is a good sailor, obviously knows how to use a camera, is reliable and competent. I’ve no hesitation recommending her."

Barbara Bridgman, Cremyll Keelboats

"Fantastic production from a professional, first class film maker. Emily visited the restoration just twice but, in that short time, she grasped the core of the design, its innovation and the human relationships which developed the concept all along.

Her film transmits complicated and sometimes, convoluted historic events with calm and clarity, highlighting various stepping stones in yacht design & construction and the amazing character of Uffa, as if we, the public, are just having a conversation between friends in the pub.

The finishing product is of such quality that Trustees of EISCA, HLF, Transport Trust, boatbuilders and designers have highly praised the production. Thank you Emily for helping Cremyll keelboats to tell the public the tale of the delivery of Huff of Arklow's restoration and her history with such keen and knowledgeable eye which only the real passionate and expert classic boat artist/sailor can demonstrate."