Kelpie of Falmouth Launch

After fifteen months in the shed, American schooner Kelpie whose previous name was Hopeful, was officially christened as 'Kelpie of Falmouth' after a long restoration in Gweek, Cornwall. She wow-ed the crowd who witnessed her owner's girlfriend blessing her as she once again sits in the water.

It was a typical grey, damp day in Cornwall with more wind than the day before – when she was lifted off her cradle and with assistance from some 30 odd people either admiring her or helping out, she was lowered into the highest tide on the Helford this side of summer. Ready for her Christening the next day, the exhausted crew kept working through the hours after high tide on Saturday, tidying the boat, fitting the cabin sole and other items ready for the owner and to also feel a sense of partial competition down-below. Kelpie was in the company of her new Captain, Milos Brnjevarac, and the mate, the lovely, Caterina Calandrino who have both got solid connections with Charlie Wroe and the owner of Kelpie's other boat, 'Mariette' among other big classics based out of the med.

Sunday's christening was a wonderful day, bar the rain which the restoration crew knew all about after spending so many months there. Charlie Wroe, the overall manager for both schooners Mariette and Kelpie on behalf of the owner, hosted some 150 people. He engaged with his guests in a 30 minute part-history, part-thank you speech on board Kelpie before handing over to the owner's girlfriend who after a brief few words, elegantly pulled the string attached to Pendennis' excellent champagne smasher, which blessed Kelpie as the crowd cheered.

Among the guests celebrating were Mike Horesley of Edmiston, the Captain of Windrose Alexis Howard, Pascal Luthy the acclaimed French interior and furniture designer who donated some beautiful wood for the interior of the boat. The project's naval architect Theo Rye, boat builder and designer Ashley Butler, Tristan Stone of Stone's timber and many other local and far travelled friends.

A rarity is something Classic Yacht TV loves, and this film exclusively shows the owner Patrice talking to us on restorations, their locations, boat building skills and the bond he has between Charles Wroe and his other boat 'Mariette' the 138ft 1915 American designed, Herreshoff schooner.

In May will be bring you racing footage from the decks of Mariette - watching Kelpie of Falmouth sail and race in the Pendennis Cup, there will also be on board footage and interviews from the new Captain, the crew. The previous American owners will be sharing their memories - from the 1950/1960s/1970s, including original vintage super 8 footage from Ernie Minney's cruise to Tahiti so stay in touch with Classic Yacht TV for more!