Fiascherino, 23 - 01- 2008
©Photo: Carlo Borlenghi  Assistant: Guido Trombetta

Built by Camper & Nicholson to one of the finest designs of Charles E. Nicholson; this yacht originally named SYLVANA was launched in 1910. When commissioned, Nicholson had clearly won over the wealthy yachtsmen of the period to his designs that by then were regularly beating those of Watson, Fife and Herreshoff on the race course.

Now ORION OF THE SEAS; she was completely rebuilt 2003-2005 with a total focus on keeping the original detail where possible but where modern systems were installed; then most discreetly and with effective sound insulation. Where money is no object it can lead to “over restoration” but the treatment of ORION leaves her looking very much as she would have done in 1910 – yet she is probably stronger now than she ever was and could reasonably be described as a “classic super yacht”. As a regular winner on the classic race circuit; many who have spent time aboard acknowledge how she has touched their lives – she is simply unforgettable.


Designer Charles E Nicholson

Builder Camper & Nicholson

Date 1910


Length overall 162 ft 1 in / 49.4 m

Length deck 147 ft 0 in / 44.8 m

Length waterline 90 ft 3 in / 27.5 m

Beam 24 ft 7 in / 7.5 m

Draft 13 ft 9 in / 4.2 m

Displacement 210 Tonnes


Construction Composite teak on steel frames

Engine 2 x Caterpillar 6 cyl 3306TA


Location Italy

Price POA



Johan Anker was considered an artist in yacht design - greatly concerned with the beauty of lines and BOJAR doesn’t disappoint. Indeed as a boat of such breathtaking and effortless beauty, a classic gem; she genuinely lifts the human spirit and perhaps even defines the term “classic yacht.” With her keel weight and displacement balanced at approximately 50 / 50 she is an extremely effective sailing boat. Perhaps no surprise then she was the winner of a 'Je ne sais quois’ at the 2012 Panerai Regatta at Cowes; third in class in the Round the Island race and more recently impressive results at the RYS Bicentenary Regatta.

In these days of restorations, it is rare to find a boat both so original and in such fine condition. Given she has had only a few owners throughout her life – the last but one for 28 years, the short Norwegian sailing seasons then with nearly every winter spent inside her own boat shed will certainly have helped. BOJAR can be classic raced with family and friends or easily sailed by just two people, which is unusual for a yacht of this size and vintage. She is truly exceptional.

Designer - JOHAN ANKER

Builder - ANKER & JENSEN

DATE 1937

Length waterline 38ft 10 in / 11.23M

Beam 10ft 10 in / 3.3m– DRAFT 8ft 2 in / 2.5 m

Displacement 15 TOnnes

Length overall 52ft 6 in / 15.8m

Length ON deck 52ft 6 in / 15.8m

Engine Yanmar 4jh4E diesel 54 hp 2006


COnstruction - Oregon pine on galvanised steel & wooden frames, oak backbone

Location united Kingdom



EURO 650,000





If JFK chose MANITOU for her good looks and speed – who are we to argue ? Olin Stephens (Design No 99) drew her in 1936 from the same bloodline as DORADE and STORMY WEATHER for her first owner who wanted to win races - and she is at 62 ft a bigger boat than her sisters and offering more space and luxury below. Designed to sail well in both light airs and heavy weather; on the Mediterranean classic race circuit she has more than proven her capabilities in winning many regattas outright. The current owners have stopped at nothing in maintaining MANITOU to ensure she is probably as strong as she ever was and cosmetically immaculate.  



Designer Sparkman & Stephens #99

Builder - M. M. Davis & Sons

Date 1937

Length waterline 44ft / 11.4m

Beam13ft9 inches / 4.2m – DRAFT 8ft 6 inches/ 2.6m

Displacement 30 Tons / 27.2 Tonnes

Length overall 62ft / 18.9 m

Length ON deck 62ft / 18.9 m

EngineYanmar 115HP Diesel


CONSTRUCTION - Carvel mahogany planking on oak frames

Location France




Chosen by JFK and Aristotle Onassis tried to buy her – MANITOU's extreme good looks seduced them both and her speed still brings racing success.  Adam Ostenfeld tells the story of this Olin Stephen's masterpiece.


John Leather noted naval architect himself and prolific writer on marine matters considered Arthur Payne to be second to none in the design of fast cruising and racing yachts - the equal of William Fife and GL Watson and ahead of Joseph Soper in this regard - and JAVELIN rightly fits into this category. Leather went on to say how pleased their owners and crews were to be sailing such seaworthy yachts - often with ketch or yawl rigs designed for easy handling. He noted too that the Payne yard had designed and built some of the most beautiful yachts ever to grace the Solent.

At 73 ft on deck and with her divided ketch rig JAVELIN can indeed be easily sailed for a vintage yacht of this size. Assiduously restored in 2006, she is hard to tell apart from the Beken pictures taken a hundred years ago. Indeed her teak and pitch pine hull planking is the original and testament to the quality of design, materials and workmanship of that era. Notwithstanding; modern systems have been discreetly fitted to make her luxurious to live on and a wonderful family boat. More than a century on; with that Beken picture in mind she is moreover haunting to behold.

Designer Arthur Edward Payne

Builder - Summers & Payne Northam

Date 1897

Length waterline 57ft 3 in / 17.5m

Beam 14ft / 4.36m – DRAFT 10ft / 2.9m

Displacement 50 Tons

Length overall 85ft /25.9m

Length ON deck 73ft 4 in / 22.35 m

Engine 2 x Steyr 166 HP @ 2600 rpm


CONSTRUCTION - Teak and pitch pine planking on chestnut oak frames

Location : Italy



EUR 1,500,000



This beautiful Alfred Mylne designed Fife yard built cutter is pedigree indeed. At 54 ft with a Marconi rig to the original plans, she also has enough accommodation to cruise in comfort. IRINA VII seems to hit a sweet spot among vintage yachts; striking - indeed memorable whether seen under sail or alongside showing her characteristic Mylne forward sloping doghouse set in wide uncluttered decks. Both cruising and racing she is a yacht for the connoisseur most certainly.


Designer Alfred Mylne

Builder - William Fife & Sons, Fairlie, Scotland – BUILD #811

Date 1935

Length waterline 37ft 3 inches / 11.4m

Beam 11ft 9 inches / 3.6m – DRAFT 7ft / 2.1m

Displacement 22 Tons / 20 Tonnes


Length overall 54ft / 16.5m

Length ON deck 54ft / 16.5m

Engine LOMBARDINI 2204 m 59 hp / 44kW new 2014



Location France



EUR 625,000


Tom Cunliffe narrates this short film, celebrating what charm Irina VII has as an Alfred Mylne designed, William Fife built cutter – please PLAY below.



Each one of these special boats has her own tale to tell. CORNUBIA has proven herself as a blue water cruiser, whose ventures near and far you can read about as a training vessel for sea cadets or much loved family sailing pilot cutter. Rebuilt by T Nielsen & Co under the supervision of pilot cutter aficionado Tony Winter she has received remarkable treatment for a remarkable vessel.

On deck she remains so true to the original yet below she achieves the character of vintage yacht without offending her work boat roots. MCA coded for commercial work, this has included filming and charters specialising in sailing for disabled children.

Designer BRISTOL Pilot

Builder - J Slade & Sons Polruan - rebuilt T Nielsen Gloucester 2009

Date 1911 / 2009


Length overall 66 ft / 20 m

Length deck 51 ft 9 in / 15.8 m

Engine Beta Marine bv 3600 Diesel

Length waterline 44 ft / 13.4 m

Beam 13 ft 7 in / c 4.1 m - DRAFT 7 ft 7 in / c 2.3 m

Displacement 31 Tons


Carvel Construction, larch planking on oak frames

Location United Kingdom


Price  £350,000 VAT unpaid


Launched in 1911, built for Pilot Morrice, ‘Cornubia’s maiden voyage was her first job - to deliver her owner and pilot to a ship off Barry Island. This film is the story of a brave and noble boat passionately narrated by her current owner.