Jim Thom Part I

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Part 1

Classic Yacht brings you exclusive footage and interviews in a two-part series on two classic yachts deemed to be at the very top of their pedigree world-wide. Part 1 features racing between 'Altair' and 'Mariquita' as they compete for the 'Club 55 Challenge Cup' [2012]. Part II is a intimate and at times, emotional interview with Jim Thom as he reflect on nine years as captain of the great yacht, 'Mariquita'.

In Part I you'll see the racing takes place from inside the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, the film takes the viewer around the course and to the finish, off Pampelonne beach. In the Club 55 Challenge Cup, the winner of the invitation race, which normally includes 2-3 yachts, becomes the host for a large luncheon at the world-famous Club 55 restaurant.

Filmed in 2012, Classic Yacht TV is racing on board well-admired 'Altair', a William Fife III designed schooner that was launched in 1931. At 133ft long, Altair is a grand size but also a magnificent icon of the 1930's - she symbolises the skills refined from a three-generation naval design family office that had exceptional success in designing fine yachts and ships from around 1800 until 1940.

In this year's race, (2012), Jim Thom, the captain of the equally famous 'Mariquita' is the competition for Altair's captain Stephane Benfield. CYTV got a rare interview with Jim Thom who narrates the film. He explains that this private race is such a lovely spectacle and opportunity for yacht owners to relax on a lay-day day of the inaugural 'Les Voiles Saint Tropez' regatta.

In Part 2 of this series Jim Thom talks candidly on his emotional last race as Captain of the famous 'Mariquita' in the Les Voiles de Saint Tropez 2012 regatta.

These films were produced and directed by Emily Harris and Noel Probyn.

This film is sponsored by TS Rigging (www.tsrigging.co.uk) who supply standing and running rigging, they're block and spar makers, they undertake beautiful iron and leather work and custom fittings for these traditionally rigged yachts worldwide. Recently, they completed the job of re-rigging the Cutty Sark ready for her opening to the Queen in May 2012.