Making Mast Hoops

Lots of factors come in to play in making mast hoops which is probably why, together with it being a traditional skill, most people order their hoops in before the fitting out season. Classic Yacht TV visited TS Rigging in Maldon, to find out and watch the process Ken goes through to steam and bend the wood used to make them.

Depending on the wood type and the time of year it was felled, alters the time spent steaming them and knowledge of the source of the wood is key. Ken talks about how quick you need to be as they come out of the steam and are bent into shape.

His grave disappointment is always with the ones that break during this process and he explains how to try and organise the wood's faults (knots) for different sized hoops in order to cut down waste. Unfortunately Ken has no remedy for back and hand ache though. That's something traditional boat owners still need to iron out!

This film is sponsored by TS Rigging: