Spetses Classic Yacht Race

Greece, a nation that was once held up for its opulence and democracy, in recent times has shown its pain amid the on-going financial crisis in Europe. The country's 15,021km of beautiful coastline and incredible history remain and the event organisers of the Spetses Classic Yacht Race 2013 certainly showed us that Greece has a unique setting for a Mediterranean yacht racing location, complete with its cultural emblems - Greece's traditional working boats.

Classic Yacht TV loved the idea of lateens, Aegean schooners and workboats being invited to race alongside classic yachts. It was also refreshing concept to go to a sailing event away from France, Italy and Spain and become more familiar with a different culture. As this film shows, such potential have the Greeks for creating a Semaine du Golfe style maritime festival incorporating the nation’s culture and racing.

Most of all we were pleased to find out that the 'Karnagia', shipyards in Greek, are receiving part of the proceeds from the registrations of participants. The Traditional Shipbuilding Association of the island of Spetses, dedicated to preserving traditional boats and the continuation of local boatbuilding skills, are fully supported by this regatta. Yacht Club Greece, the race organisers and the Poseidonion Grand Hotel, the hospitality organisers both donate to the association and their consensus is to carry on that support with the growing size of the event.

Noel Probyn went sailing on a working boat on the first day, Christopher Stratos kindly invited our cameraman on to ‘Notios Anemos’ a 54ft Aegean Schooner. Classic Yacht TV will show this footage separately to this current film, which is all about Noel’s day on board the 1947 ketch ‘Glaramara’ a Frederick Shepherd design. The Andreadis family of Greece have owned and sailed her for two generations and this year Stratis Andreadis invited his friends that he grew up with sailing off Greece, to race her for the first time together.