The Hatching [of two ducklings]

David Aisher and Kristi Roger invite you to watch the 'hatching' of two duckling dinghies recently acquired for their daughters Sophie and Penny. A short naming and christening ceremony took place on 9th April at the well known (and very classic) Elephant Boatyard, near the Hamble (UK). Sophie and Penny respectively named their boats, 'Swallow' and 'Amazon' with a splash of Prosecco. In a fluky and blustery breeze David and Sophie launched and sailed 'Amazon' while Kristi and Penny sailed away from the slipway in 'Swallow'.

The 9ft Duckling dinghy was designed by renowned yacht designer and sailor Uffa Fox, they were produced in mass by Fairey Marine, on the Hamble in the 1960's. Using the hot moulded double diagonal technique, a construction method very characteristic of Fairey Marine, they're strong and versatile, featuring a mahogany capping rail and sculling notch in the transom.

These two Ducklings join a very impressive linage of yachts in the Aisher family. They have hatched into, possibly, Britain's greatest sailing families – the Aisher's – famous for their offshore sailing successes, very closely attached to the Royal Ocean Racing Club; through several generations they commissioned the build(s) and campaigned the 'Yeoman's from the 1930's onwards. David's grandfather, Sir Owen Aisher was the Admiral of RORC and founded this succession of world-class yachting. The lucky dinghies 'Swallow' and 'Amazon' will join David and Kristi, Sophie and Penny as they cruise on board their yacht 'Thalia'.

Classic Yacht TV hopes this film inspires future Duckling sailors in the spirit of Swallows & Amazons.



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