Jolie Brise shot from the sky at Teignmouth (UK)

Jolie Brise returned to Teignmouth yesterday – the first time she's paid harbour dues in some 90 years. A healthy flotilla of boats welcomed the 56ft (LOA) gaff rigged pilot cutter into the harbour, crowds lined the shores as you'll see in this video.

Teignmouth harbourmaster, Commander David Vaughan, said: "We are looking forward to her arrival. She has a lot of history with the local connection with the town, and it should be a great occasion."

Chronological history of the 1913 built legend:

  • 1913 Built in Le Havre by Albert Paumelle
  • 1923 New owner, E G Martin (RORC)
  • 1925 Winner of the first Fastnet Race
  • 1926 5th in the Bermuda race and awarded Blue Water Medal.
  • 1926 Finished 3rd in Fastnet
  • 1927 New owners, W Ferrier & WB Smith
  • 1927 Retired from Fastnet after reaching The Lizard
  • 1928 2nd in the Fastnet Race
  • 1928 New owner, H R S F de V Somerset
  • 1929 Winner of the Fastnet Race
  • 1929 Winner of the Queen of Spain's Cup (the first Santander)
  • 1930 Winner of the Fastnet Race
  • 1930 First across line in Santander but 2nd to Ilex on corrected time
  • 1931 Competed Fastnet
  • 1932 Competed Bermuda - retired after rescuing crew, save one, of Adriana who abandoned because of fire
  • 1932 New owner J F B Gage
  • 1934 New owner S Mortimer
  • 1938 New owner W Stannard
  • 1945 New owners Consortium led by L and J Worsdell
  • 1946 New owner L Lobato and partners (Vaz Pinto - principal owner)
  • 1955 New owner L Lobato - sole owner
  • 1977 New owners The International Sailing Craft Association in association with Dauntsey's School Sailing Club and the Science Museum
  • 1980 Winner Tall Ships Race
  • 1986 Winner Tall Ships Race Newcastle to Bremerhaven
  • 1993 Refit complete - Jolie Brise's first Fastnet since 1931
  • 1994 Circumnavigation of UK.
  • 1999 Second in Tall Ships Race
  • 2000 Overall winner of the Tall Ships 2000 Transatlantic Race
  • 2002 Overall winner of the Tall Ships 2002 Transatlantic Race
  • 2005 Participated in the Trafalgar 200 celebration
  • 2008 First in Class and Fleet in Tall Ships Race Liverpool, UK to Maloy, Norway
  • 2011 First in Class and Overall Winner of the Tall Ships Race 2011


Jolie Brise is owned and run by Dauntsey's Trust. Read all about the trust below:

The sailing club was started around 40 years ago by pupils, helped by a housemaster. They put an ad in The Times looking for work in exchange for sailing and this led to the use, and then the gift, of Griffin II. Brought back to school and refurbished, she later brokefree from her moorings in a winter storm and was a total loss – but well insured. At the time, Jolie Brise was owned by a Portuguese family, the Labatos, and moored at Lisbon. During the Portuguese revolution in 1975, Luis Lobato gained permission to take her out for a day sail – and kept going until he reached London. For the next few years she was moored in St Katherine Docks, where Lobato’s children lived on board while at school and then university.

He was then keen to sell the boat to someone who would teach young kids to sail, which was how Jolie Brise had been used in Lisbon. Labato approached Exeter Maritime Museum, who knew Dauntsey’s were looking for a boat. The museum put up half the money and Griffin II’s insurance
paid the rest. A 20-year lease was agreed but the museum went bankrupt in 1997 and Daunsey’s bought their share from the receivers. At much the same time, I was appointed full-time head of sailing and it was decided that the boat would be used commercially when students were not being taught on it, to help cover costs. Today, Jolie Brise is still used to teach sailing and is regularly chartered out.