Gliding From The Twenties: ROSEMARY III SOLD

From the archive of our featured classic boat for sale videos


ROSEMARY III is a rare example of a smaller 1920s cruising design by William Fife III which he drew with a Bermudan sail plan – and as one would expect from this designer her lines and proportions are exquisite. The boat’s first owner had written to Fife ordering a yacht unhindered by any rating rule – he wanted fast and surefooted and that is what he got! Perhaps a victim of her own success the boat kept sailing - always bringing enjoyment - but working hard. Her virtues nonetheless apparent she was more recently purchased by a relative of William Fife III who set about a sympathetic and total restoration.

ROSEMARY III’s owners’ soulful treatment of this rebuild leaves the yacht looking as she would have done in 1925. Tempting as it might have been to add or change the original plans; they did not succumb to this and the boat sings - seeming much happier as a result – and what a result! To anybody wanting to own one of Fife’s creations this boat has it all and ultimately she is the most fantastic sailing boat - Fife refused to build any yacht that wasn’t "fast and bonnie" and he kept his word. It is also said if he ever designed a boat that wasn’t a work of art, there is no record to be found of its existence.