Top tips on boat building from the experts

Simple, short films on elements of boat building from sharpening tools to repairing damaged planks, Suffolk Yacht Harbour's boat builders show you how to improve your skills as classic boat restoration specialists in Britain.

1. How to repair a plank on a wooden boat by fitting graving pieces to the planking.

Robert, one of Suffolk Yacht Harbour's boat builders, carefully fits a graving piece to the damaged area of the planking to rout out an exact template of a piece of wood to fit the planking. In this case, the damaged area spans two planks, so Robert shows you how to split the graving piece in order to repair the two planks on a wooden hull. Suffolk Yacht Harbour specialises in classic boat restoration.

2. Chisel Sharpening

A good boat builder never blames their tools, discover the correct way to sharpen your chisel in Suffolk Yacht Harbour's new step by step film.

3. Varnishing (the basics)

Do you struggle with varnishing?  Watch Suffolk Yacht Harbour’s latest boat building film for top tips and a step by step guide to achieving the perfect finish.

4. Burning Off A Wooden Hull

Learn how to strip a wooden hull and achieve the perfect smooth finish with this step by step boat building guide.

5. Wood Planes (a guide)

Do you know a rebate plane from a wood jack plane?  Find out the difference between the various planes used in classic boat restoration in this new film.

6. Making Cockpit Seats

Watch classic boat joinery experts fit new wooden cockpit seats to this stunning 1960s Kim Holman day racer.

Suffolk Yacht Harbour specialises in classic boat restoration. Visit the website for more information: