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LOOK BOOK: WOMEN September 2016

While at Les Voiles de Saint Tropez this year there’s hardly an excuse to not be wearing stripes. Team stripes with quintessential whites and stride out on your yacht’s passerelle in style as the med season closes.

There are high street pieces, high fashion, craft pieces and beauty products listed with links to where to buy.

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Spectating Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta 2016

Slowly, Antigua Yacht Club Marina began to fill with beautiful wooden classics and Panerai flags in preparation for the 2016 Regatta. The event was to feature light winds, sun burnt faces and a week-long closing party, marking the end of the Caribbean sailing season for those concerned with classic lines. Watch the video here –

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Raving Afloat

‘Thekla’ – a 1958 built cargo ship who’s legacy has lent itself to Bristol’s world-famous underground music.

Quite possibly a tedious link, between a German ship and the city of Bristol who’s people and music has greatly influenced Britain’s culture. This is probably not going to interest you unless you knew the cargo ship the ‘Thekla’ or if you despise electronic music; post-punk, dub, grime, or trip-hop. But, this is a great story that celebrates ships being reincarnated into cultural hubs. Classic Yacht TV recommends that while you read this article, listen to the catalyst for this article - a BBC 6 Music Gilles Peterson programme on 'The History of Bristol's Musical Underground' that mentions this ship's story!

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What Lies Beneath – Marine Art

Imagine a very cold and extrememly dark environment, underwater and deep below the favourable heights of our atmosphere and then imagine having a camera to capture that unfamiliar world. That's Alexander Semenov's life as head of the....

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Coastal Holiday Properties (with really good views)

Classic Yacht TV has sniffed out some amazing places to rent for holidays and vacations across the world. Find out what their owners have to say about these locations and their properties.

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Cruising on Moonbeam IV in Cannes

An enchanting clip of the great Fife designed yacht, Moonbeam IV cruising off the coast of the French Riviera. Classic Yacht TV caught up with the Captain of Moonbeam IV, here you'll find our Q+A on his life with one of the most stunning classics in existence.

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Cooking Onboard II

Cooking Orange and Almond cake under sail, on board Bessie Ellen.

Bessie Ellen's owner Nikki Alford gives Classic Yacht TV a lesson in baking while at sea - as you will be able to tell! Using a recipe from the Polpo restaurants in London, this Orange and Almond cake is now a firm favourite for those who sail the Bessie Ellen, a west country trading ketch that charters around Britain, Ireland, Scotland, and Europe.

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Huff of Arklow - Uffa Fox

She's a radical looking boat, designed in the 1950's by Uffa Fox who was developing yachts in relation to Flying Fifteen's (One Design Class). Seen here through archive footage of her build and in the most recent of her restorations....

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Bessie Ellen – Charter History

Classic Yacht TV joined her in Fowey and sailed east, to Plymouth and then onto Falmouth to try out her charter style. We found that this ship will feed your historical inquisitions about adventure on the waves while being modern enough to keep you warm and safe. Down-below she retains a homely feel and that you'll find you won't chase the wildlife, it comes to you – we filmed it!

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Shaped By The Sea – Part II

James Dodds’ paintings strike the eye with lines true to his focus on particular boats and the seas they once knew. His pitch dark backgrounds, surfaces, and colours are alike to layers of tar and tallow, marine paint and rust. Part II explores how he achieves his particular colours and, his relationship with local boatbuilders.

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Shaped By The Sea – Part I

James explores the design of vessels and celebrates the work of the boat builder and craftsman who make them. From a Shetland Fourern boat, a Viking shaped long and thin form to a square, bold, Hastings beach boat. Dodds' paintings are an assembly of observations on the variations in shape and why boats have been crafted in such a way to serve the nation in the maritime industry.

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'Tarifa' as a project was instigated by Alex Laird’s labour of love 'Partridge', a J. Beavor-Webb designed Victorian gaff cutter built in 1885 by Camper & Nicholson and mostly influenced by Greg Powlesland's restoration of 'Collinette'… Tarifa's interior sets a standard…

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Dutch Barge Conversion

Ever wondered what living on a dutch barge would look like?

Take a look at this amazingly modern and sleek dutch barge conversion is this video...

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