Kelpie of Falmouth Part II

Forming part of an important and large section of American yachting history; 'Kelpie of Falmouth's Captain, Charlie Wroe who is mid-way through the restoration, can feel the anticipation from fans across the pond and in Europe, for the completion of the work.

Seen in this film still in her shed found at the end of long and winding Cornish lanes, ambitious deadlines are imminent for Kelpie and her team as Charlie has an action-packed summer of racing and cruising planned.

Following on from CYTV’s previous film, again showing progress made to date, it is evident that Kelpie is being careful fitted out. It shows the techniques and quality of craftsmanship going into the work to ensure a very high quality, sympathetic rebuild.

With brief insights into how they’ve made certain that the yacht is practical to spend time on board and to sail. Part 2 is a rare glimpse of a team and its organisation in light of advancing deadlines.

Further films follow her progress - her launch, sailing and racing:

Kelpie of Falmouth Restoration Part 1
Kelpie of Falmouth Launch (after this restoration)
Making Kelpie of Falmouth's Mast Hoops - 'How to'
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