Sailing on the Clyde

The Mylne Yacht Design archive, which is one of the most complete in the world, comes alive in this film. Here Mylne's work, among other designs, are sailing and racing off the west coast of Scotland, around the Isle of Bute and on the River Clyde. This archive footage is shot in Alfred Mylne I's home waters where he established the Bute Slip Dock - the builder of choice in this era.

Alfred Mylne I designed some of the most beautiful yachts for cruising and racing, looking through their archive, it seems there are many with complete plans:

The 15 metre 'Ostara' built in 1909, by Robert McAlister & Son, was an early yacht designed for Sir William P Burton. Burton later progressed to helm Shamrock IV in the 1920 America’s Cup races for his friend and business partner Sir Thomas Lipton. Ostara was lost during the Russian Revolution along with her aristocratic Russian owners, her final resting place location cannot be confirmed although Mylne Yacht Design do have further information.

'Octavia' was launched in 1911 and was designed to conform to the 19 Metre rule. A grand yacht, again drawn by Alfred Mylne for his client, William P Burton who by then had distinguished himself aboard his own boats; 'Penitent', 'Gauntlet', 'Lucida', 'Moyana' and 'Britomart'. Sir William P Burton was moving into popular classes of the elite as he himself excelled in sailing.

Mylne Yacht Design have the complete plans of this 19 Metre and preserve them in the hope that one day, Mariquita - another 19 Metre class yachts who was rebuilt by Fairlie Restorations in 2003, may be joined by Octavia.

Alfred Mylne drew the ketch Pilgrim (62feet in length and designed in 1913), she was a well celebrated cruising yacht of her time. Designed for Mr E G Prettyman MP in 1914, and built on the Clyde under the supervision of Alfred Mylne, she was both graceful and fast. Pilgrim stayed with her original owner for over 20 years, and survived both world wars.

Pilgrim's whereabouts are now unknown, although her plans remain complete and she is offered here as a beautiful recreation opportunity, an authentic classic with blue water cruising potential.

50 ft 'Northward' designed in 1930, was inspired the Poet Laureate Cecil Day-Lewis, and once launched, was the winner of the Blue Water Trophy in 1937.

Jenetta was the longest ever 12 metre drawn. Built and launched in 1939 for Mylne's long-term client Sir William P Burton. Jenetta regularly hosted Uffa Fox as crew alongside Burton. Jenetta is now in the 'Robbe & Berking' yard, Germany. Jenetta survives but needs a complete rebuild but with a great history, she is a prime restoration project that will be snapped up. Her plans remain in the archive of Mylne Yacht Design.

Finally, the 120 foot Golden Hind is a sistership to Thendara. Rigged as a schooner, she was designed in 1930 by Alfred Mylne and her plans are complete in the Mylne Yacht Design office.

Offset tables and complete general arrangement drawings, sail plans, fitting's diagrams are all in Scotland awaiting discovery. We recommend browsing the Mylne Yacht Design archive; if you'd like to make an appointment please contact David Gray on +44(0)1383 873464 or email him