Kelpie of Falmouth Part 1

Charlie Wroe, Captain of the Herreshoff schooner Mariette, recently embarked on a mission to find “a suitable racing tender” for the big boat.

Let's get this right, Mariette's a 138ft schooner and the owner and captain are looking for a suitable racing tender? Yes.

Whether that was to be a vessel ready to sail or a restoration, Charlie’s boss the owner of Mariette remained open and supportive in the choice of a boat. This owner is one of the few who regularly takes the helm while racing and does so with skill, giving the story of his dark, powerful schooner a new page in her book.

They found a yacht, called ‘Kelpie’ found in San Francisco, in 2011. She is a 1929, 79ft Francis Sweisguth designed schooner and was built at Harvey Gamage’s yard in South Bristol.

This film covers her story so far, her delivery from America to Cornwall, UK and her restoration. With interviews from those with the aim to bring her back to her original design. This film features renowned naval architect Theo Rye talking about her lines and construction.

This is Part 1 of 2, as Classic Yacht TV follows her restoration in Gweek, Falmouth (UK) and collates her history into films.

Further films follow her progress - her launch, sailing and racing:

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Kelpie of Falmouth Launch (after this restoration)
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